Our agricultural portfolio boasts of fresh farm produce and citrus fruits. We also have vast tracts of sugar plantations in Mozambique used in ethanol blending.


The strategic partnerships which we have established with Fresh Exco, Interfresh Zimbabwe Limited, Star Africa Corporation Limited and GreenFuel Zimbabwe, which are industry leaders in their respective markets, provide us with an advantage a few competitors are able to match.

Fresh Exco

is an agricultural company that specializes in growing high-value horticultural crops as well as other strategic crops for sale to export markets in Europe and the Middle East. Discussions are underway to expand into the Asian market.

Interfresh Ltd

produces, processes and distributes citrus fruits, cash crops, vegetables and fast-moving consumer goods globally.

Green Fuel

offers environmentally friendly and sustainable renewable vehicle fuel and electricity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Star Africa Corporation Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of sugar. Its portfolio also includes property.