Zerttew Resources

Zerttew Resources (Pvt.) Ltd. carries out exploration and mining management services internally and also on behalf of third parties. The mineral exploration process ranges from the search of new mineral prospects known as reconnaissance and the evaluation of the property for economic mining, otherwise referred to as a feasibility study.

How it works…

Once a mineral deposit is identified through exploration, the company invests in mine development before production starts. This process includes estimation on the volume of mineral deposits through two methods; the Geological and Geochemical Exploration methods.
The former is the process of finding commercially viable mineral resources, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. The latter is mineral exploration that utilises systematic measurements of one or more chemical properties of a naturally occurring material such as rock, soil, stream and lake sediment.
It is only after the company has conducted extensively the stages of exploration using the collated data that extraction of a once unknown mineral resource is commercially pursued to become a profitable commodity.