The Group

ZERTTEW HOLDINGS (“ZERTTEW”) is an international exploration and mining resources development group, founded in March 2017 by a consortium of professionals, and headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, with representative offices in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.  

ZERTTEW aims to sustainably create value for stakeholders by facilitating the development of Africa’s vast potential in natural resources.  ZERTTEW operates through a consortium of subsidiary entities, each with a focused mandate and manned by a team of experts. 

Group Corporate Structure

Vision, Mission and Values

To be the leading exploration and mining resources development Group.

We are a mining resources development Group and commit ourselves to sustainable and responsible mining practices for the benefit of all stakeholders including the communities we operate in.

We strive to be honest, reliable, having strong moral principles, sound in construction, being whole and undivided.

We commit to be responsible, accountable and conduct our- selves in a manner that aims to characterize professionalism.

We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner which shows clarity, openness and accountability.

We believe that the combined action of a group of people gives rise to effective and efficient results.

We believe in the efficient management of operations within our Group to protect our staff, community and the environment we operate in through minimizing hazards, risks and accidents.

Community care and empowerment

As Zerttew, we strive to empower and engage the communities we operate in, through strategic alliances such as integral enterprising and social entrepreneurship, building of schools, hospitals, water reticulation projects, roads and power systems.

As mineral development and beneficiation is our core business, we focus on the development of mining communities as we view them as our support system. Our aim is to see these communities thriving well after our activities have ceased.